IIF Server: Tiler for big images doesn't work

I’m trying to create Tile version of a big Image of about 400MB.
The process starts creating an empty subfolder in Tile folder, but job stay undefinitively “In Progress” whithout creating anything and if I try to stop it it change in “Stopping” status without going in “Completed”.
At the contrary, everything works perfectly when I try to create Tile version of small to medium images.
PHP is set to ingest files up to 500MB and it looks like well configured as no timeout or loading error appear like indeed it happens when I try to load a file bigger than 500MB.
Is there any specific configuraiotn to be set or check for the IIF Server/GD/ImageMagick to let Omeka S be able to use so big images in the Tiler?

I’ve finally verified that the problem is related with the huge amount of Memory that the convertion process requests.
I don’t know exactly if IIF Server is using GD or ImageMagick.
Is there a way to set some parameter (like -limit for ImageMagick) to instruct the on of the Tilers to swap on disk instead of fill all the available Memory space?

There is no possibility by default to change the options to create tiles for now.

You can create your tiles outside of Omeka on your own computer, or in a specialized software, then copy it in the good place.

I see, thanks.
I will try to understand “the good place” :slight_smile:

You can run the tiler via command line, it uses an external tiler (php), then copy it in the folder files/tile/filenamexxx/.

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