I used to see the filename below the image

How can I display the name of the image file that I originally uploaded, like “9_1.jpg”? It used to appear at the bottom of each image’s Public Page… below Title, Description, Date, etc. But I think I disabled that somehow. Now I realize it’s useful and I want to see the filename there again.

Thank you!

What theme are you using? And did you use the CSS Editor plugin to remove the display, or did you manually edit the theme?

Hi @mebrett, I’m using the Emiglio theme. I did not use the CSS editor plugin to remove that line. I may have manually edited it out of the theme’s code, but I don’t think so. I downloaded a new copy of the Emiglio theme to compare, and I can’t see a difference. My feeling is that it disappeared when I checked or unchecked a box.

The link to file metadata setting doesn’t display the file name, but it does mean that when you click on the file, it takes you to a page with that file’s title etc. Perhaps that’s one of the boxes you checked?

No, that’s not it. The filename used to appear on the same page, in the Dublin Core elements.

I figured it out! I thought I’d tell you, even though no one else would have this “problem.” The filename disappeared when I disabled a Plugin called Zoom.it.

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