Hypothes.is annotation on Omeka items

I know this is a long shot, but wondering if anyone has ideas about why the Hypothesis annotation tool won’t work with PDFs in Omeka? I’ve tried numerous items, but the option to post an annotation isn’t available. I know the PDFs are OCR’d, and Hypothesis works fine on other browser PDF readers…

I thought PDF to Text plugin might fix this, but now I’m getting an error message when trying to install it.

You’re talking about using the Hypothesis browser extension, right?

How are you displaying the PDF? Using the PDF Embed plugin, or just linking to the PDFs?

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yes - the browser extension.
I’m using PDF Embed.
Here’s a sample item, if that’s useful: http://aaronbcowan.com/205/items/show/9


I think the Hypothesis extension just doesn’t work with PDFs using the native browser renderer when embedded in a page. It can work on a PDF that’s just directly linked to so it’s the entire document being viewed, but I don’t think it works with embeds.

Their solution seems to work through PDF.js, but a customized version. I’m not sure if switching PDF Embed’s settings to use PDF.js would help or not, since it just uses the normal stock version.

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