HTMLPurifier Error

I have the HTMLPurifier disabled in the settings but it keeps deleting much of my custom HTML and styling on individual pages. What can I do to actually disable the HTMLPurifier?

Can you ever save this data, like does it only sometimes get deleted, or is it just impossible to input.

To my knowledge, disabling the purifer in the settings should, well, disable it.

Whenever input custom HTML on a page, a lot of it gets deleted or wrapped in <p> tags once I exit the “source” input window. I was just trying to do a basic column layout for a few PDF thumbnail links. found a workaround by just adding some basic column/row classes to my CSS doc, but this is less than ideal since future admins will not likely have good knowledge of how to edit those files. It doesn’t mess with any of my custom HTML/CSS in the footer or header, however–just HTML blocks on individual pages.

“Once you exit the source input window,” meaning, you can see these changes happening before you even save the page?

If so, the issue likely isn’t HTML Purifier (which only runs on saving the page) but probably something that the CKEditor, the “WYSIWYG” HTML editor, is doing.

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