HTML5 Media for Omeka S

Are there any plans to convert the HTML5 Media plugin for Omeka Classic to an Omeka S module?

There’s nothing standing in the way of having an S module version of HTML5 Media, but I’m not quite sure exactly how I would handle it, if at all (I’m the author of the HTML5 Media plugin).

What would you be looking for it to do? Omeka S comes with HTML 5 media support out of the box in a way that Omeka Classic didn’t, so some of the need for it is diminished (of course, Classic itself has moved that way as well).

Are you just looking for the ability to support more browsers (which relies mostly on Flash so is less and less relevant by the day) or the consistent player interface, or some other feature?

Thanks for the quick reply! I am mainly interested in having the consistent player interface. I know I could probably integrate a player through my custom theme, but wanted to check first if a module might be planned.

I think it would be great if a HTML5 player in Omeka S support webvtt captions - with the HTML5 Player in Classic there is no Problem to have captions - The Omeka S currently doesn’t support captions. Best jan