HTML Blocks in page edit

It seems that in HTML blocks, starting from the second one, style selectors don’t work anymore while for the first HTML block everything is ok.


I have just encountered this as an issue since we made a few updates. We are now using version 1.0.1.

Page HTML formatting menus are not dropping down after for second and subsequent HTML blocks added to the page.

No error message appearing, just not working.

We are working around this by using one HTML block however this is a bit restricting .

Thanks for any advice.


I work on the same instance as Libby and looking at the code generated, both HTML block editor/formating popups are give the same ID: cke_o:block[__blockIndex__][o:data][html]

So when you hit the drop down such as format and styles, it only adds the new elements to the first found ID on the page. Hence it only showing in the first HTML block.

Each HTML block needs their own unique ID.

Monica Wood

This issue has been fixed in v.1.1.1

Hmmm, sorry we missed this message.

Yes, this has been fixed since version 1.1.0, so it’s also fixed in 1.1.1.