HTML and CSS issue

Hi there - I am trying to create a custom menu for my homepage. I would like for it to look like this:


But when I upload the relevant HTML to the exhibit page, and then add in the CSS to the CSS plug in, I only get this:

Does Omeka not support a CSS grid? Is there a work around?

Alternatively, I’d be open to a straight menu (like image 2) if I can make an accordion list. Will that be feasible on Omeka?

I can include code if that would be helpful to anyone who may have a solution!

Thank you!

You can use any CSS the browser(s) support, if you’re writing a theme.

The CSS Editor is somewhat more limited, though: the component it uses to validate CSS doesn’t “know” about many newer properties, so things like CSS Grid likely won’t work there. In a theme’s CSS directly, though, they’d be fine.

I see - where in the theme would I add the relevant CSS if I only want it to apply to this one page?

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