Htaccess to allow access to a custom php file?

Hello all,
I have created a custom php file in the omeka directory to display some useful information to users but without reyling on omeka and I’d like this file to be accessible by users. Because of the following line in .htaccess :
RewriteRule !\.(php[0-9]?|phtml|phps)$ - [C]

if I try to access I get a 404 error message. I am really bad at setting .htacess files and the few tests I have done ended with errors, even if I am sure it should be pretty easy :slight_smile: The best find I got was to add the following line RewriteRule ^/myscript.php$ - [L] just before the rewriteRule above in this message, that seems to work, but I get errors when trying to access /oai-pmh-repository subfolder.

Someone better than me when it comes to deal with .htaccess file has an idea?