How use the Omeka's SaveHandler for the session

Hello, I develop a plugin for authentificate with a CAS. The CAS accept the connexion but when I create a Zend_Session_Namespace, Omeka don’t connect the user. I thinks the problem is I use the Zend’s SaveHandler but I need the Omeka’s SaveHandler. How I can use the good SaveHandler or if this don’t is the problem, where is the problem. My function is :

$result = $authAdapter->authenticate();

//        echo phpCAS::getUser();
//        var_dump(phpCAS::getAttributes());
//        var_dump($result);
//        exit();

        if ($result->isValid()) {
            echo "valide";
            $session = new Zend_Session_Namespace;
//            Zend_Session::forgetMe();
            if ($session->redirect) {
            } else {

The result of the authentification is valid. Sorry the spelling mistakes, I’m not good at English.

Is this an Omeka S question? (It’s in the Omeka S section of the forums.)

It looks like a “Classic” question instead.

Yes sorry, I don’t have see this

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