How to work on OmekaS?


Since i am currently working on OmekaS, i was wondering about the way the developers debug the CMS; i use var_dump or file_put_contents, but breakpoints and step-by-step execution could be really helpful.

How do the developers work on it ? Are there tools or practices i should be aware of ?

Thank you very much

It really depends. Obviously for Javascript stuff you can use the debugging tools built into browsers.

For PHP, you’re looking at using things like the Xdebug extension if you want to do things like that. Though I reach for simple logging statements and occasionally var_dump/echo/etc. more often than a debugger in PHP, to be honest.

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@Orsu I really like using Ray (

It has some really nice features for debugging. It was originally created for use with Laravel, but they have expanded and it works great with WordPress and vanilla PHP (including Omeka). You can use it for other backend and frontend languages as well like Ruby, Go, Node.js, JavaScript, Vue, and Express.js just to name a few.

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I like kint as a prettier and more useful var_dump alternative, but not as full featured as some of the others mentioned.

We just released a simple Devel plugin for Omeka classic based on the Drupal module concept that enables kint debugging, but adding it yourself in S would be very easy.


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