How to use PDF Embed/Docs Viewer

I am attempting to upload lesson plans that were created by faculty using materials from our local archives and am unsure how to go about uploading documents. I have attempted to use both PDF Embed and DocsViewer but am unable to figure out how and where to upload the PDF documents. Any help would be appreciated.

Adding the PDF files as files when editing the items to which you want to attach them should work.

I do not see an place to attach the PDFs unless I am just overlooking it

On the admin side, go to the item for the lesson plan to which you want to add a PDF. Edit the item.
Across the top of the item edit view are tabs - Dublin Core, Item Type, Files, etc. Click the Files tab.
Add the PDF file here.

If you need a refresher on editing items, the documentation is here

Is there a way to make the Doc viewer work within exhibits? I have added a PDF to an exhibit we are working on and it only shows the first page. I was hoping to have the same view as you have in the item tab.