How to use partial view to link to tag

In Exhibit browse page, I would like to have two links, “View all tags” and “View popular tags”. If I use the nav(), I need to pass a url instead I would like to call a view using get_view()->partial(‘exhibit-builder/exhibits/tags.php’, array(‘tags’ => $tagsExhibit));

$tagExhibit = popular tags or all tags based on which navigation the user clicks on.

So I am trying to display popular tags or all tags in the exhibit/browse page without leaving the page to a different page.

Is that possible?

You can’t use a partial directly in nav. You could try making the URL something like #popular-tags, a fragment link, which you could either just let do the default of scrolling, or intercept the click with Javascript and do something like hiding/showing the appropriate list of tags.

nav might not be worth using at all if you only want “fake” links like that, though.