How to Use Items not locally contained in Omeka S?

We have a large repository that contains many different kinds of items (sound files, images, pdf’s). We would like to create exhibits based on these items. However, we do not want to bring the items into Omeka S due to storage size issues. Since the items are accessed via a url- what’s the best way to create an exhibit with these items, without bringing in the actual files. And could we create a thumbnail of the item in OmekaS, just not the full file (the images are archival quality, so very large). thanks!

What kind of repository are you running? There are connector modules for Fedora and DSpace that are designed to do exactly what you describe.

I think one is Fedora- I assume that is the way to do it- thanks!

Well, then, the Fedora Connector is a good place to start: Omeka S - Fedora Connector

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