How to upload from google drive

How can I add a media file to an item from Google Drive?

I have a bunch of audio files on Google Drive and am trying to add one to an item in Omeka S. On Google Drive I select the file and select Sharing and get a URL. In Omeka S on the Media tab I enter the URL in the URL field and click Save. I then get the following error message:

Error validating “/file/d/1qmmRkB63Bb-3fh3y6eNecFVqcSvBe6ae/view”. Cannot store files with the resolved extension “html”.

I hope someone can tell me how to get files from Google Drive into Omeka S.

The sharing URL that Google gives you is indeed a web page, not a URI of an image file.
Comparison: is the URL I get when sharing a pic of the largest piece of cake served in a 1950s elementary school etiquette video I’ve ever seen. But it’s just a web page. After a lot of digging, I find the direct image link, which is

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to tell you to make that bridge for all your images. Maybe there’s a way to put your pix in Google Photos and get direct URLs instead? (I suggest it because the favicon in the direct link to my image is the same as what they use for Google Photos.)

Thanks. That sounds utterly tedious given that I will eventually have up to 8,000 audio files to deal with.

Anybody else have any ideas?

Can you install the Google Drive app on a local computer? If you can do that (and have enough disk space), then the files will be mirrored to your PC and from there you could drop them into Omeka. I’m not sure what it looks like in Windows or Linux, but on my Mac, Google Drive works like an integral part of the file system. Would that work for you?

That’s a possibility. Thanks.