How to remove or move the location of "Powered by Omeka"


I’ve been trying to get rid of the “Powered By Omeka” text in the footer. Or at least move it to the rightmost corner instead of two rows under my own footer text. I’ve tried to remove some lines from the /themes/seasons/common/footer.php file, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. What should I do?

Is there really no answer to this question? Funny thing is, on my English version of the same site the Omeka copyright text does not show in the footer, even though I haven’t really changed anything there. I tried to copy the theme file to my other site to solve the problem, but the text still shows on my original page.

You had it right in your first message, it’s just a line in common/footer.php of your theme. If removing that isn’t getting rid of the message, you’ve got something else at work (some possibilities include browser caching, server-side caching, or that you’re not actually editing the theme you’re using).

Thank you so much, it seems to be fixed now!