How to rearrange where installed modules are placed inside item show?

Hi all - I’m wondering what would be the best method for rearranging the order of installed modules that appear on the item level (show.phtml)page? For instance, I have installed Folksonomy and Comments to appear inside an item…by default, the comments are placed before the tags, but I want the comments to end up on the bottom of everything else. I’m not sure if there’s something I can change inside a certain file of the comments module to achieve this, or if I have to do something like use jQuery to rearrange div ID’s or something. Does anyone have any suggestions?


The module BlocksDisposition is made for that.

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Ahh, thanks so much, I’ll look into that. Much appreciated!

By the way, would the BlocksDisposition also help solve the issue of the CSSEditor not applying custom styles to module resource pages. For example, I installed Mapping, when when you use the “Maps Browse” page, custom styles I applied to the whole site don’t get applied to that one page.

This is just a quirk/bug in the way the CSSEditor module works: it doesn’t load the custom styles on pages created by other modules, basically.

We’re looking into making a change to how that works.

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Ah yes, that would be great! I really appreciate the work that goes into these modules - having them really add flexibility to enhance and differentiate the various sites we have in Omeka S.

Thanks so much for all of the support!

The new version of the CSS Editor module, 1.2.0, fixes this problem.

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This is great! Thanks for the update!

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