How to make a user bio

I’m an early user to Omeka. We’re using ver 1.2.1. I will admit, I haven’t been in the backend of our Omeka site for some time and I’m having a problem finding how a user can create a bio for our site. I got an email from a user with this query.

Our site is An example of a user-generated bio is here: (and as long as I’m troubleshooting, I notice that we have a bit of code that shouldn’t be showing in our disclaimer at the bottom of our user bios: nls2p(htmlspecialchars …). How can I get rid of that code?


That looks like it is coming from info users enter via the MyOmeka plugin, though I don’t recall exactly how it collects that data. The error is also probably somewhere in that plugin, perhaps in a file called views/public/items/show.php if you want to look in there and delete it.

This is a version of Omeka that is quite old, so our institutional memory is going to be stretched pretty thin. If it weren’t for all the custom theme work (and other possible plugin changes), I’d recommend upgrading. As it stands, upgrading would break the custom theme, though, so that would be a not insignificant investment to upgrade and test the theme. It might be worth looking into, though.

Well, I just would like to find the place in the frontend that allows someone to enter a bio (even if it doesn’t work). It’s got to be some place. Where would that be?

As for upgrading, sigh. I wanted to do that long ago when I was developing it, however, the plugins I needed to work hadn’t been upgraded. I’m through developing for this site. LOL

Omeka Team, can you answer my question above? Thx.


It just looks to me like somebody put spam in a MyOmeka poster, not that there’s a “bio” entry place pe se.

I have no idea what that means. Could you explain? Thx.

What you linked to as a “bio” was a MyOmeka poster (thus the “posters” in the URL).

Normally the posters stuff would have been linked from the user’s “dashboard” page on the front end, but it looks like your site has a customized version of that page that removes the links to the poster stuff.

We can’t provide a whole lot in the way of support with site-specific changes like that, though.