How to Import multiple medias in one item , use CSV with File Sideload

We scan a large number of rare books, each book is saved as a tiff pages, and stored in one folder, if there are 1,000 books, they will be placed in 1,000 folders, each folder saved first tiff page to the last of this book.
I have uploaded all books to the directory specified by File Sideload, but the book field contained in my csv file can only go to the directory containing the book,not the book tiif pages, so that any picture of the book cannot be recognized when importing media.
How to deal with this situation?

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are you saying you want each page of the book imported?

We have done more or less the same in our project. However, we first created the books (as an item e.g. this) and then added the scan pages (as media) to the books via an identifier. The CSV importer runs slower and slower the more scans are added. Therefore, for large amounts of data, split into packages.

After that fine tuning with batch edit.

Yes, each book consists of many scanned tiff images, and each book is an item.
In this way, when I use filesideload and CSVimport to batch import, there are hundreds of digital objects for each item .

Your project is very well done, and it is worth learning. The biggest difficulty I encountered is the production of csv files, how to make a record contain hundreds of photos?