How to configure and use the GDriveLinks Plugin?

Good morning. Newbie here. I am evaluating Omeka as a vehicle to display my non-profit’s digital content online. I’m very excited about it - looks like what we’ve really been looking for. I have loaded Omeka on to a test server here - just on our network, not on our website yet and have been able to create collections and exhibits. However, due to the cost involved, for the real implementation, I don’t want to store the content in the default location on the webserver but rather on a cloud service. We are already using Google Drive for storing our digital assets, so I am looking at the GDriveLInks plugin. It appears to have loaded successfully but now I don’t know what to do with it. I can’t find any instructions on how to configure and use the plugin (I’m assuming this plugin will allow me to store the Omeka content on a Google Drive share - I hope I’m interpreting that correctly).

Actually I do see some instructions for configuring inside the plugin but I don’t see how to use it. And, the demo site that is setup appears to be broken - it won’t load for me. It also appears that the last update to the plugin was over two years ago. I’m hoping it is still a supported plugin.

I found instructions for using Amazon S3 and could go that way if required, but I’d rather use Google Drive since we’re already using it. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or instructions on how to setup and use GDriveLinks?

Thanks so much.

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