How to adjust or remove clipping on Facetted Browse thumbnails?

I would like to be able to adjust my thumbnail images. How do I do that? Using the CSS editor, I was able to specify a size and aspect-ratio, but for some reason, the image is already clipped, so the object-position can’t move it up or down. The attached screenshot shows my page as well as the thumbnail image isolated in a window to the right and the original image in another window to the right. Is there an easy way to adjust the image’s clipping, or do I need to just upload a separate thumbnail?

ps-- in a somewhat related question, is there a way to add a default thumbnail image based on 1) if there is an image attatched to the item or not, and 2) a gender or assigned class?

Omeka makes several different kinds of thumbnails for files that are uploaded, and one of them is a “square” which is pre-cropped to 1:1 aspect ratio. When this image is used by a theme, there’s no way to use CSS to “uncrop” it.

I believe Faceted Browse is just currently coded to use the “square” thumbnail. Depending on the exact situation, you might be able to override this in your theme, or edit the Faceted Browse module to use a different non-square image.