How to add a resource to Transifex

What’s the procedure to add a new resource to the Omeka project on Transifex? I’ve translated the Simple Contact Form plugin strings into Italian, and now I’m working to the Esperanto version, so I thought it would made sense to make them available for every other translator but I cannot find a way to add the resource.

We (the Omeka team) have to add resources to Transifex to get them on there.

The reason we don’t have one for Simple Contact Form is that the plugin doesn’t have the calls it needs to actually translate things… we have a (quite old due to our own inaction) pull request open to add that capability… when you made your translations, did you just find the strings manually or did you also change the plugin to use translation calls?

Hi, John.
I am not sure what you mean by “translation calls”, but if you’re talking about the __($string) functions and the changes in the SimpleContactFormPlugin.php then the answer is yes, I made all needed changes. If there’s anyway I can send them to you, to save you time, please let me know.

I’ve created a fork with pull request for the edited files, @jflatnes (hope I’ve done it the right way, otherwise please let me know what I should change).

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