How to add a more advanced search feature to individual pages?

Hello! I was recently put in charge of moving a site from Classic to S. A lot of the old functionality was written in javascript which hasn’t translated well to S.

I have a page for a given author and would like to have a search box on that page that allows users to search within a subset of site resources determined by metadata - so, in this case, every poem by that author.

I tried using Browse Preview for this, but it’s obviously not the right approach. Any tips? Do I need to write this myself or does S support this somehow? I’m using Center Row.

What did you try doing with Browse Preview and why didn’t it seem to work? Is it that it’s just a list of results and not exactly a “search,” or something else?

You can try the module BlockPlus, that add some blocks, in particular such a search block, that may be the one you need.

It worked well—it just wasn’t quite the right feature. Analytics from the original site seem to show that the most popular feature was a “search within all of this author’s poems” search box on each author’s page, so I’m trying to recreate that as closely as possible.

I’m likely going to try the search block in BlockPlus, as suggested below.

Thanks, I’ll try that!

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