How is the "Representative File" for a collection determined?

In the docs it reads

Omeka 2.2 allows records other than Items to show thumbnails and other
functionality that depends on File records by choosing a “representative”

But how is the representative file determined? It seems like it just pulls the FILE from the lowest-id’ed item that belongs to that collection?

Is it possible to manually associate or create a file to be used as the “representative” of a collection?


You can create a custom function like the one below to manually associate a collection with an image from your theme…

function get_collection_image($id){
			1=>WEB_ROOT.'/themes/YOURTHEME/images/1.png', // collection 1
			2=>WEB_ROOT.'/themes/YOURTHEME/images/2.png', // collection 2
			return $collectionImages[$id];
			$fallbackImage=WEB_ROOT.'/themes/YOURTHEME/images/fallback.png'; //fallback
			return $fallbackImage;

get_collection_image(metadata('collection', 'id')) will return the source URL for an image file if one exists (i.e. collection #1 or #2), otherwise it will use the fallback image (any other collection).