How does visibility of Items work?

Hi. I’m using Omeka S in several projects for a while now, but I still can’t figure out how visibility of Items (and Item Sets) is supposed to work.

The user manual says:

Use the make public/private button (eye icon) to set whether the item is visible to the public or only to users of the Omeka S system.

From this I expected private items would not be visible on any site, but they are. So, I would be grateful if anyone could explain to me how does visibility really work, and what am I supposed to use it for.

Thank you.

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When you are logged in, you will see private items on sites you are building (which allows you to build out sites before you make them public).

If you open the site page on which you are seeing private items in a different browser in which you are not logged in, or in an incognito window, those private items should no longer appear.