How do I include youtube videos in an item?

Sorry in advance if this is silly, I searched and could not find something similar posted.

I do not understand how can I add a youtube video showed as an item. I am trying to enter the youtube video url in the item, thought it would be recognized and parsed as a video, it does not work. Then tried after googling to use html and an iframe, tried also to use Player Item category and Player item, still does not work…

So how can I use a youtube video in an item called youtube video in my collection??


Hello, Efthymios.

Have you checked the Omeka Classic - YouTube Import plugin? It might be what you are looking for.

Hope this helps.

I am using the plugin. However still the video does not appear. There are no clear instructions. Is there a specific way to make it work? I am just entering the video URL in the item.

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