How do I get neatline Simile?

I’m not sure if I’m being completely obtuse, but after installing the Neatline plugin the Simile widget isn’t coming up. just directs me towards , which has no mention of Simile. Help?

I’m interested in this too! I have done a little search on the forums and its absence might be associated with this entry

If we can get Simile timeline back up and running, I’d really appreciate it.

As a general rule, any plugin that was working and on the “old” addons directory still works with Omeka Classic today. After all, it’s still the same latest version, 2.5.1. Nothing about the requirements for the plugins has changed.

The new system more or less requires two things of addon developers:

  • They need to make a “Release” on github and post the zipped copy of the addon there (the same zip that previously they would have uploaded directly to us).
  • One time only, they need to register with the new system. After the intial registration, we’ll automatically check for and pull in new releases as they’re posted to github.

For any plugin that was there and is gone now, it simply means this process hasn’t been completed.

Thanks John, I don’t actually have the plugin yet, was hoping to download it, it isn’t linked on the Plugins page and I can’t see it on github. It seems that the SIMILE Timeline addon developers have not registered with the new system. Fingers crossed that they do.

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