How do I find all items NOT in a collection

I’m uploading a lot of images to my site and allocating them to collections as I do so. But I need a way to list items NOT in a collection in case I miss any.

I can’t allocate them to a particular collection at the CSV upload as each batch has up to 300 images that are destined for several different collections.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

There’s no built-in way to do that.

It’s possible to do it directly in the database, and a simple plugin could add a filter that does it as well.

It’s probably a reasonable thing to add to the default collection search filter, though, a [No Collection] entry.

Thanks! I have a workaround - everything I upload via CSV Import now gets added to a (private) ‘Pending’ collection, then I can check that and re-allocate. Works for me but I agree that it would be good to add it to the default collection search filter.

How do I request that (soz - newbie)

We’ve already added it to our issue tracker to look at adding it.

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Thanks - really impressed with Omeka BTW!