How can I modify the search screen?

I’d asked this before, but didn’t get any responses. I would like to modify the search screen on our Omeka installation. We have several users who are not computer literate and some of the options will be confusing. I’d like to remove search by ID, search user, and public/non public option. How can I do that, please?

Just to be clear, do you want to modify Omeka/items/search (public view) or Omeka/admin/items/search (admin view)

It is the public view I’d like to change.

You can use the configuration options in your theme to simply turn off Advanced Search on the public side.

To remove those specific search functions but still leave the advanced search as an option, you could edit /application/views/scripts/items/search-form.php or change the css using the ids in that file.

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