How can I import media using CSV import?

Hello, I am having a silly problem, I don´t know how to say in the CSV file where are my media files in order to be imported some of them at the same time, and with the rest of metadata… I mean, I visited the documentation, and I understand how to write the columns for metadata, but I don´t understand how can I put to import media with it.
Please, someone could help me…? An example would be really helpfull…
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It depends on what kind of media import you are doing.

If it’s a url, then the data in the column should be the full url of the media as it appears on the web - so something like For YouTube, IIIF, and oEmbed, the url or code.

Basically, you enter in the column exactly what you would when creating the media for an individual item. The only thing you can’t do via CSV is upload.

What should I do if I have a bunch of PDFs that I want to import? Each one related to pertinent metadata record?

If the PDFs are not already available publicly online somewhere, one solution would be to install the module FileSideload and use its integration with CSV import.

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Thank you very much!! I got it :slight_smile: Yujuuu

Taking as an example the item in the sandbox demo, was this imported via CSV import module?
Is there any way to link Wikimedia Commons images without importing them?

Yes, that was brought in via a CSV import. You could simply reference the wikimedia page as a url media

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Thank you for your answer.
Any example how to link directly also Wikidata information, as discussed in other topic ?

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We have tried this plugin and could not import many media to create a new item that includes them. Let me suggest this very convenient feature.