How can I get rid of "Sort by" text on the Browse page?

How can I get rid of this text on the Browse page? I don’t need it.

Sort by: Title Creator Date Added

And can I change the URL name of my archive from “/cms” to something intuitive like “/archive”? Thank you!

Are you sure you want to remove it? Those links provide the option for users to change the sorting order of the browse results.

If you want to, you should be able to get rid of that by either editing your theme (the items/browse.php file) to remove the <div id="sort-links"> element and its contents, or by changing CSS either in the theme or something like the CSS Editor plugin, to hide the element #sort-links.

Hi @jflatnes, thanks for these tips. Yes, I’d like to remove those search options because I don’t think they’re helpful for my content. If I remove them with my CSS Editor plugin, what exactly do I write?