How can I display the filename that I originally uploaded?

How can I display the name of the image file that I originally uploaded, like “9_1.jpg”? It used to appear at the bottom of each image’s Public Page… below Title, Description, Date, etc. But I think I disabled that. Now I realize it’s useful and want to see the filename there again.

Thank you!

First you need to specify which public theme you are currently using and how did you disabled displaying the original filename (by theme option or by theme file modification).

Hi @miniol,

  1. I am using the Emiglio theme.
  2. I can’t remember how I disabled the display of the filename, or “File Metadata.” But I must have done it when I made a number of design changes to the site. I don’t think I modified the theme file.

Thank you!

Hi @miniol , I’m still looking forward to a reply. Thank you!

I’m not familiar with the Emiglio theme but as you wrote, you have made “a number of design changes”, it is very hard to determine the root cause of the problem, not knowing the changes details (like i.e. what files have been modified).
I would start with the clean installation of the Emiglio theme to see if it helps. If so, you will have to analyze each of your modifications step by step.

Okay, does anyone else know if there’s some box (or code) that I could manipulate to make the filename reappear?

I’d also like to get rid of this text on the homepage, if you know how…

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I figured it out! The filename disappeared when I disabled a Plugin called

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