How can I access media files stored in a directory hierarchy?

I have thirty thousand media files in a directory hierarchy with several thousand subdirectories. I have information about those files (including the directory path to each file) in CSV files suitable for CSV Import.

But the manual for File Sideload says that all media files must be in a single directory to be accessible—“any content in a subdirectory will not register with the module.”

Is there any way to remove that restriction, so that I can refer to them in their existing directory hierarchy? Flattening the directory hierarchy would not only require a lot of rework to ensure uniqueness of filenames, but would prevent sharing the files with the software I use to create and maintain them.

The development version of File Sideload on its Github repository actually contains support for subdirectories inside the file sideload directory, it just hasn’t yet been released.

Cool! Any idea when it will be released?

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