Hosting multiple projects: Classic or S? One instance or many?

To follow on two previous conversations

We plan to host multiple projects from multiple scholars. Omeka S is very appealing, except that all the users seem to be able to access and manipulate everyone else’s item sets. That approach doesn’t scale, and has the possibility of accidental or even deliberate changes to others’ work.

  1. Am I missing something about Omeka S whereby users could control others’ access?
  2. If not, how difficult would it be to add some access controls to Omeka S?
  3. Or, should we just expect to have multiple Omeka instances in order to manage access?
  4. If we should have multiple instances, what’s the case for Omeka S? It seems more robust, under the hood, than Omeka Classic, but doesn’t yet have as much support for themes and plugins/modules.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

No, each user has a role and some roles give all rights on all records, and some other roles give only the right to read records. Anyway, it’s “easy” to add new roles or new rights rules via a module according to your needs. See :

Thanks, @Daniel_KM—I think that’s what I was missing, the pointer to restricting rights. It’s not that we mind researchers seeing each others’ work (though some of them might), but we have the possibility of just overwhelming them with too much irrelevant stuff. Hiding items and item sets that aren’t theirs or their collaborators should be doable. Thanks again.

And about modules, you can look to