Hide 'Site:' from search filters

What is the best way of hiding the ‘Site: mysite’ filter from a filtered items list?

Hiding it via css? Commenting some code somewhere?


Is the “Site” being filtered here the one that’s used for the current site, or is it sort of “cross-cutting” in some way, a search showing things in Site A that are also in Site B?

I ask only because in general you don’t need to specify the current site as a filter on browses: that’s done automatically on the public side.

I only have one site, and would like it to be ‘tacit’, so to speak. No, it’s not being explicitly filtered or anything. And yes, it’s already in the ‘default site’ section in my settings.

In general, perhaps it would be great to have a ‘This is installation has only one website’ option to the settings, which would take care of all sorts of settings accordingly so that URLs, filters, etc. don’t specific the site name. I think there are many users in the same situation of having 1 Omeka - 1 site.

This browse, where does it “start” from? I assume it’s coming from a link or form somewhere? A browse preview block, the search form, somewhere else? Oh and, could you share the URL for this browse page? (Just the part after “/item” is sufficient if you’d prefer not to share the whole thing.)

Basically, for this kind of browse with the setup you described, I would imagine that there’s actually a filter in the query string also explicitly filtering by site that’s coming from somewhere. Removing it shouldn’t actually affect the results you’re seeing, but would remove the “Site” filter you’re seeing. This is the case for both single-site installations and ones with many sites.

Thank you for your answer. This is a link to a page with a ‘reference’ block. When clicking on an item I go to a item?site_oid=1&.... search/filter page. If I manually take the site_id=1 out of the query then the Site: boslit is not displayed.

OK. So yeah, it’s Reference that’s adding those site_id parts to the queries. You might ask the developer of the module if those can just be removed.

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