Hide Properties granularity

I’d like to hide the “extracted text” content on the item page but display it on the media page.

Currently Hide Properties only hides all instances of the given property. Is there any way to fine-tune that a bit more?

Tangentially, I was hoping that using resource templates would allow you to hide or display properties, but that appears not to be the case. I’d also like to control the appearance of “Other Media” or “Item sets” on item-level displays, such as reorder or hide them. Any chance there is a template upgrade happening soon?

The “other media” and “item sets” stuff isn’t really in the domain of the templates. The templates are really about the properties, values and closely associated things like that.

Themes can alter, move, or remove the display of things like “Other Media” and “Item sets”, and removal can usually be done with things like the CSS Editor without editing the theme as well.

More options for Hide Properties is a possibility, but not likely to happen right away.

Hiding things with CSS is difficult when most elements don’t have IDs. “other-media” is the only one I can see. Or are there IDs in other themes, but not in The Daily?

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