Help installing Omeka Classic 2.7

Hello, I have been trying to install Omeka Classic 2.7, following the information on the manual -

I have a server with CentOS 7, where I have configured:
php 7.2 with the requested modules activated
MySQL - where I have created a DB with the name omeka, owned by the user omeka, with UTF8. I have used this information to fill de DB.ini data.

I have moved the contents of the omeka folder to /var/www/html/omeka, including the .htaccess file (I have checked it is there using ls -a).

When I access the server IP through the browser I get the Test 123 Apache page (though sometimes I need to reload the page for it to appear and I get instead a “Not Found - The requested URL /search.php was not found on this server.”)

Then when i go to ipaddress/omeka, or ipaddress/omeka/index.php, or ipadress/omeka/install/install.php. I get the same error and if I reload it quickly I just get a blank page.

I tried to see if it was a problem with mod_rewrite, but it is active and I have configured AllowOverride All at the httpd.conf.

I know this is probably some server configuration issue, but if anyone had the same issue and could point me in the right direction to fix this, I would appreciate.

Best regards


I have been reading around and trying to identify the problem. I think it has something to do with Apache configuration or the .htaccess, or maybe the files access/ownership.

I have edited again the httpd.conf and probably not a very secure move but I have made AllowOverride All everywhere I found the option and Require All granted and so on…

The error I got changed meanwhile and now, when I try to access http://IPADDRESS/omeka/
I get the error
Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /omeka/ on this server.

I have also done what is described at
Under group access
I applied the ownership and access to the whole Omeka folder, instead of just the Files, to see if it solved anything.

I have also stopped the CentOS firewall in case it had something to do with it.