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Hi everybody,

I need some help to realise something simple but that need methodology…

I want to add a browse page on this site taht look like a contact-sheet.

I have no problem with css/js and php to transform the current page into the model I want. But my goal is to add this browse page in the menu and at last, to have 2 browse pages available.

Can you guide me to realise that as clean as possible ?


So you’re saying basically that you want to have one “normal” browse page and another that’s a tweaked display, but still a browse page?

You could add another route completely at a different URL with a module, but that’s a pretty heavy solution. Maybe a better option would be adding something like a GET parameter in the navigation: so, add a new custom link to the navigation, something like bailly/item?contact=true, then you could look for the contact GET param in your theme’s browse view to decide what kind of display you want to use.


Good idea, thx :slight_smile: I will try this way, maybe using cookie or session in addition…


@jflatnes the problem with this solution : the bad link in the menu is highlighted when you are on the second browse page… but it’s work.

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