Height, width, length for Physical objects


I’m new to Omeka, so please bear with me. :flushed:

What would be the best way to add to an Item?

  • Dimension Height (cm)
  • Dimension Width (cm)
  • Dimension Length (cm)

Maybe Spatial + Numeric Integer type?

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If the dimensions can be consolidated into one value, I would use the standard “Length x Width x Height” format in dcterms:format. If they must be saved as separate values I would import the Schema.org vocabulary and use schema:width, schema:height, schema:depth (there is no schema.length).

Use this to import the Schema.org vocabulary:


I’m trying to do something similar and am experimenting with the VRA Core vocabulary, which has height, length, width, depth, diameter, weight etc. Then choosing Numeric Integer type for these.

I used these to import the VRA Core vocabulary:

  • Label: VRA Core
  • Comment: The VRA Core is a set of metadata elements to describe works of visual culture as well as the images that document them.
  • Namespace URI: http://purl.org/vra/
  • Namespace prefix: vra-core
  • Vocabulary URL: http://purl.org/vra/

Just another option, thought it may help! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your help!

I’m beginning to understand this better. :slight_smile:

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