Header image is inconsistent using Thanks, Roy theme

I’m creating an Omeka Classic site for a class project, and I’m struggling with the theme’s css. In particular, the header image is getting cut off, but only on the Browse Items page. On the Collections Page or a simple page, the header is fine. Since header.php and the css file are the same on every page, I can’t figure out what might be causing the image to move.

Any ideas?

You can see my site at http://oddshelf.mhenry.info/

There is something odd going on. It’s seems to be coming from the .items line-height setting on the body on the browse items page, which would explain why it’s only on that page. But I haven’t been able to reproduce it on my machine.

Does the same thing happen in different themes?

And, what versions of Omeka and Thanks Roy are you using?

A fairly random thing to try might be to shrink down the image you are using for the header. It looked like it’s more than 500px high. Smaller than 150px high is recommended, but that gets into mysteries beyond my ken.

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Thanks for pointing out .items as the offending party. I honestly couldn’t find what else .items applied to (if anything), or why it was targeting the site title, so I just deleted the block of css:

 .items {
    line-height: 1.5em;

from the “Thanks, Roy” css file and that fixed the problem. The issue didn’t appear in other themes when I tested it; I’m using Omeka 2.5 and the most recent version of “Thanks, Roy,” whichever that is. Thanks again for the help.