Having trouble finding files of items posted

I want to move files from one folder (/thecoreproject.org/omeka-aoc/items/originals) to what the appropriate folder would be to have these items shown. I posted a file to test the site and try and locate the appropriate folder but I can’t find the folder where this item should be posted. Here is the site - http://www.thecoreproject.org/omeka-aoc/items/browse
and this is the page where the item is posted -

So I want to move files that I already have up on the site somewhere (even though they can’t be seen on the website now) to the appropriate folder where they can be seen on the website. I hope that makes sense.

the file I posted successfully is suppossed to be in thecoreproject.org/omeka-aoc/admin/items/show/1 but I can’t find it

forget it… problem solved