Half of my search box buttons are hidden

In the search box on my site, the bottom half of the two buttons on the right are now hidden or covered. This problem popped up a week or two ago, the same time I had the same problem described here of the advanced search panel staying open. Upgrading to Omeka Classic 3.1.1 fixed the advanced search panel problem, but the buttons are still half hidden. Any thoughts about what could be causing this? I am using the Emiglio theme, and switching to a different theme fixed the problem, but I have a large amount of time invested in customizing the Emiglio theme for my site, and this problem did not occur until very recently (and I had made no recent changes when it happened).

search box half hidden

Ok, I think I have fixed it by adding a some height attributes to the buttons as a css fix. Still curious why this was never necessary before though.

Could you provide what browser you’re seeing this in? Also the CSS fixes that you used.

There were some changes to the markup and styling in Omeka Classic 3.1, chiefly for the purpose of improving accessibility.

We updated the themes where necessary to account for these changes. Here, probably the issue is that, since your theme is a modified version of Emiglio, you’ve kept that older base version, rather than the updated Emiglio. Applying your theme customizations to the new version of Emiglio, or applying Emiglio’s style updates to your version (which you’ve sort of done here) would be the solution.

Ok. That makes sense! I am pretty sure I have the latest version of Emiglio, but when I upgraded it, I do think I overwrote some of the files with modified files I copied over from my previous version. Everything seems to be ok now, but if I run into any more issues I guess I can install Emiglio from scratch and then try to reintroduce my mods one at a time.

Can you say which files you overwrote? In particular, the “style.css” file is where the core version’s fixes for this particular problem are, so if you overwrote that, you’d have this kind of issue.

Ok, actually I did not have the latest Emiglio. I did not realize there was one released just yesterday. Now I have upgraded and it displays correctly, until I substitute in my old style.css, so that is definitely the problem. However, it works with my fix. All I did was add “height: 31.5px;” to “#search-container.with-advanced button”.

Are there any other potential problems I need to be aware of keeping my old style.css sheet? I don’t want to go line by line down the sheet unless I have to, and unfortunately I did not keep a good log of my mods. Any problems in the style.css would be purely cosmetic anyway correct? I did also modify the item and collection browse.php and show.php pages, but those do not seem to be causing any issues.