GuestUser Plugin v. 1.2 breaks everything :(

Hiya, I have a contribution site using Contributions, GuestUser, and User Profiles, all of which were updated with version on 9/21/21. Two of them seem fine, but when I update to the new GuestUser version the whole site becomes inoperable/inaccessible. I was able to revert to the old version of GuestUser, but wanting to see if this is a known issue.

I don’t think we have any reports like that for the new Guest User, aside from yours.

When you’re saying inoperable/inaccessible, do you mean it was an “Omeka has encountered an error” screen, or a totally blank white page or browser error page? Did this affect just the public site or the entire installation including the admin?

It had exactly that message, “Omeka has encountered an error,” and on both the public and the backend side. I wondered if, perhaps, it was an order of update thing (if my memory serves, there is a fairly rigid order of plugin installs when setting up the contribute). Once I put the old GuestUser back, everything seems to be working. But it is still running with the old GuestUser plugin (the other two are now updated).

Thanks so much!!!