Guest user registration confirmation

I have installed the Guest User plugin. When a new user registers, they are sent an acknowledgment email. When the person clicks on the link in the email to confirm their registration, they are taken to a login screen. When the person enters the credential they used to register, Omeka says the login info is incorrect, but apparently, the registration is confirmed, because Omeka sends a confirmatory email telling the person that their account will become active when the administrator approves it. I don’t know where to start troubleshooting this. I have tested it numerous times with different log in credentials. The error is consistent.


Maybe you just omitted it in your post, but have you checked that the guest’s e-mail address has been approved by the administrator, before trying to login with the new credentials?

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply. Let me try to explain a little better. After registration, the system sends an email to the person registering asking them to click on the embedded link to confirm their registration. When they do that, the system does what it should. It sends another email telling the registering person that the account will be activated when the administrator approves the account. After the administrator approves the reg request, the credentials work. Most people would not encounter the problem I am asking about because they probably see the confirmatory email later when they are out of the system. However, while I was testing the plugin functionality, I happened to have my browser still open to the site. If you click that link in the email while the sight is still open, the confirmatory embedded link reopens a login screen with no explanation or instruction. While it may not happen very often, some people might still have the site open when they check their email and click the link. I found it confusing because I thought the purpose of presenting the login screen after clicking the confirmation link was to reinput the just registered credentials as part of the confirmation process. However, if you do this, the system tells you the credentials are not correct. Of course, because the administrator has not yet approved them. What I am saying is that clicking on the confirmation link, if it takes you back to a login screen with no explanation to ignore that login screen, is confusing. The only thing I want to do is for the system to not reopen a login screen when the link is clicked, if the system is still running.

Hello. Thanks for the clarification.

I’ve never used the plugin, so I had to check the code and… I guess nobody has ever thought that situation could be confusing for users, hence there’s no alternative landing page from what I see, and would have to be added and coded properly (you might want to suggest it as an issue on GitHub plugin page).

Some alternative (easier) solutions:

  • you could edit the message shown to users, informing then they will be taken to the login page but they will still need to wait for approval from the Admin; the actual message can be found in the UserController.php plugin file;
  • there’s a configuration option that allow users who’ve just registered to login “anonymously”, while still waiting for Admin confirmation; not sure whether that could do for your case, though.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply. It is very helpful. I agree, altering the message to warn the registering user would be a lot simpler. Thanks for the info about where to find the message. I would have looked for a long time before finding it.