Guest User plug-in not sending confirmation email

Help! I am trying to figure out why the Guest User plug-in is not sending confirmation emails to anyone… we have the box checked off to NOT require admin approval and the users are listed as active immediately - this is fine - but aren’t they supposed to confirm first?

Sometimes this is an issue with the server mail settings. Some hosting companies require that the admin email’s sent-from address match the domain name of the site.

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We have a VPS of our own, so usually I can control these settings. I am just unsure what to check!

EDIT: I should also say that the emails do appear to be sent, but they are slow… I am trying to figure out how to speed that up.

More minor question @mebrett where do I change the text of the email sent to the user to confirm?

I think it’s around line 254 in /controllers/UserController.php in the plugin’s files

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Thanks! That was it.

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