Guest User Module Error

Hoping to be able to get some insight on an issue that we are having with using the Guest User module for Omeka S.
We are attempting to use Guest User 3.3.4 with Omeka S 1.4.0.

We have installed the module and we have gone ahead and opted to use the “Allow open registration” option within the configurations available. The issue we are having is that we are not able to create guest users at all.

We are able to navigate to the link and enter all of the pertinent information, but in filling out the information and selecting "Register’ it gives us an error saying “A password must be set”.
We are in fact making sure that all necessary fields have been filled and have tried various passwords to ensure we met the password requirements, but it continues to display this same error.

Is anyone able to advice on how to proceed or go about solving this issue?
Thank you in advance.