Graph Visualization in Omeka S

I’m currently checking for existing modules in Omeka S that allow visualising items as a Knowledge Map.

NetworkMap does not seem to actually work.
Would you know of some already existing modules?

The AvantRelationships seems to be what i am looking for, but it’s only for Omeka (not Omeka-S).

Thanks in advance,


You can check the site Hyper Otlet that displays a knowledge map from a well known librarian (Paul Otlet).

Have you found the module for displays Omeka S linked-data as Knowledge graph?

nope, i might build one in the next months

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thank you!真是棒极了,这个功能一定会很酷

I was also looking for this function in Omeka S, but don’t have the tech capacity to build one (legal historian here)! Following for updates. Thank you!!

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