Google Maps API and Omeka-S


Since Neatline is not available for Omeka-S, our team at Gettysburg College is trying to integrate Google Maps API with our pages on Omeka-S. We did not also see a Google Maps API module. Could you point out some resources you would recommend us to get started?

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The Mapping module for Omeka S is available, but it uses Leaflet rather than the Google Maps API. Is there a reason you specifically need/want the Google API?

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Thanks for the message. One important aspect of our project is to link tombstones in the cemetery to the each person on our historical list. Leaftlet offers limited zoom capabilities, while GoogleMaps does not.Furthermore, with Google MAPS API our team can program with PhP. Hence our interest in integrating Google Maps API and Omeka-S. Is Google Maps out of reach for Omeka-S?

There’s nothing special about Omeka S or the Google Maps API that prevents the two from working together. The module we wrote ourselves uses Leaflet for various reasons, but if you have an important need for Google, like the imagery you’re showing here, you can of course do that. One option might be to just start from the Mapping module and swap out the Javascript that uses Leaflet for Google Maps API code.

Another option you might look at is seeing if there’s some other provider that offers imagery that works for you. It would be much simpler to keep the functionality of the Mapping module in place and just swap in or add a different tile layer that has the detail you’re looking for.

I don’t quite understand the “program with PHP” part of your response, but I don’t think there’s any real difference between the two in that regard (really, they both have very little to do with the “PHP” side of things).

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This is very helpful - thank you!