Google Analytics Module


Hi everyone. I created a simple module to add Google Analytics support to Omeka S. It adds the analytics script to every view as long as the user isn’t logged in. The tracking code can be configured in the module settings.

It’s something very simple, but useful. I tried another module released in 2017, but it didn’t work for me and the project seemed discontinued.

This is the repository:

To install, just download the release and uncompress the content into the modules folder. Then rename the extracted folder to GoogleAnalytics.

Feel free to open issues with ideas or problems. I hope it’s useful!

Where to put the Google Analytics Code
Google Analytics Module for Omeka S


I just wanted to announce that yesterday we released a new version of this module that supports up to Omeka S 2.0.1. Also, since my last post, another improvement was made to the module. Now it supports setting a specific Google Analytics tag per site.

We wrote a post with information about the new Omeka S release and the updates to our resources. There you can find the link to the new version of this module: