GetRecord verb in OAI-PMH plugin not finding record IDs (resolved)

Hi all,

I am running into some issues with Omeka’s OAI-PMH plugin. Specifically, the GetRecord verb doesn’t seem to be acknowledging that items exist with given IDs, even when they do in fact exist.

This was brought to my attention by our consortium, which is working on putting together a central repository that we’d like to contribute to using OAI-PMH. Comments from the consortium below:

It looks like the getRecord verb is not working in your OAI setup. I tested the Western Oregon University President Portraits set:

The ListRecords request above works great.

GetRecord is not working in your Omeka setup. See the request below, which returns an error instead of a record:

Any ideas about whether this is a problem on my repository, or whether it’s one with the plugin? I’ve tried adding an explicit document identifier to an item’s metadata in the admin view, but that doesn’t seem to do anything to resolve the issue.


The problem here seems to be with the port on your URL, the :8080.

It looks like the repository doesn’t handle a nonstandard port correctly when it’s coming up with a default namespace identifier.

Explicitly setting the namespace identifier in the plugin’s Configure page (to something like “”) should work around the problem.

Excellent. That did the trick.

Thanks, John!