Get rid of old subdomain

I’m on Reclaim Hosting, and started out with Omeka on a subdomain called “/mykitchen.” I cloned the site with Reclaim’s help, swapped “/cwfronts” for “/mykitchen”, and all looked good. But when I entered the URL I was taken to this: “/cwfronts/mykitchen/about”. Any tips on how I can remove “mykitchen” completely from my URL?

So, we’re talking about a subfolder, not a subdomain, right?

Does that “cwfronts/mykitchen/about” page actually work? Depending on how you moved or cloned the site, it’s possible the old name could be kicking around somewhere, but in Omeka itself, the only thing you should have to go back and update/redo would be the Navigation settings: they contain path information that you should update.

Navigation settings took care of it–thanks!